Versatile Salesperson* Public Seminar
March 7-8, 2018

Chicago Area | $1,340.00


Develop the necessary interpersonal and versatility skills to sell the way your buyers like to buy, fostering trusting relationships and strong connections with customers.

Why Attend?

Those who can adapt their selling style to the buying needs and styles of their customers have stronger overall performance than their less flexible counterparts.

Who Should Attend?

Salespeople and consultants attend Versatile Salesperson* to learn to sell the way customers want to buy. Versatility is a key to becoming a more successful salesperson.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn relationship skills that win more customers and increase sales.
  • Adapt selling style to the buying needs and styles of prospects and customers.
  • Develop strategies to position solutions most effectively for each customer.
  • Learn techniques to diffuse tension if customers become dissatisfied.
  • Improve personal versatility in sales situations and maintain more long-term relationships with clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Versatile Salesperson*

“The most valuable learning was understanding how I relate to other styles. This program is helpful for everyone. Any person can benefit from this, whether or not they’re in sales.”

"I learned to treat each customer differently – treat each sales call differently with adaptation to communication styles taken into account. This will help me relate more effectively with customers.”

For more information, please call Marilyn Seidl at (630) 377-4300 x100 or (888) 668-9382

* A Wilson Learning Program


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Clearly it pays to have the long-standing relationship that we’ve enjoyed over the years with your company. The training activity absolutely ‘hit the mark’ with our North American Sales organization. I was told over and over again by our Account Managers and Sales Directors how impressed they were with the quality of the material and delivery by the instructors.

Roger Shope

Tellabs Operations, Inc.

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